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Links to Reads, April 2017

Blooming Apricot Tree | AZCookbook.com

Our apricot tree was in full bloom a few weeks ago. Hello, spring!

* Buying healthier snacks at vending machines? Possible. You just have to wait to get them.

* Typical items in a Middle Eastern pantry, from The Splendid Table.

* Do you like baking for others? Keep at it. There are proven benefits to it.

* It is sad that today, famine is still so much present in many countries, including Somalia.

* What to eat in Thessaloniki – 5 must-try snacks, if you happen to be there.

* KCRW’s Good Food always features something interesting. Here are a few episodes, from persimmons to Diwali food – in one place.

* Gaza’s interesting food heritage: from seafood to stews and greens-packed dishes.

* Food industry is pressured to cut sugar, salt, and artificial ingredients.

* “Making apple trees grow shorter over the years has made them easier to pick and ship, but it has also left them more vulnerable to disease.”

* Where to eat the best pasta in Los Angeles.

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