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Links to Reads, May 2017

Pomegranate Tree | AZCookbook.com
My pomegranate tree from Azerbaijan is in full bloom now! I hope the buds will stay and give me lots of fruit.

Welcome, May! And hello, new Links to Reads. Here are some cool articles I can’t wait to share with you. Enjoy!

The ecological impact of the foods we eat on our planet.

* Wild versus farm-raised salmon. How they differ and how to cook them.

* Did you know that green, white, and black tea actually come from the same plant?

* When men wear flowers. Literally. Unique images of flower men wearing their wares in a Kolkata market.

* Georgia’s culinary symbol, khachapuri, comes with different shapes and fillings.

* About walnuts, forest plants, and how walnuts got transplanted to various parts of the world via Silk Road.

* The 2017 James Beard Award winning restaurants and chefs.

* Curbing food waste by giving ugly fruits and vegetables another chance.

* According to this article, food photos help Instagram users with healthy eating.

* The world’s cutest dumpling must be a panda dumpling.

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