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Links to Reads, June 2017

Fresh Blackcurrant | AZCookbook.com

Fresh black currant at a farmer’s market in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Welcome, June! And hello, new Links to Reads. Ready for 10 cool articles?

* Get a tingly mouth from fruits and vegetables? There is a reason why.

* About salt, fat, acid, and heat with Samin Nosrat.

* The difference between the three curries: the spice, the leaves, and the dish.

* How forks,  knives, and napkins were a Renaissance invention.

* Searching for Alaska’s deadliest catch – sea cucumber.

* The very diverse and varied food of Trinidad.

* Filipino cuisine is gaining popularity in Los Angeles.

* Food policy under Trump on Good Food.

* New study reveals why Americans waste food – well, because they can.

* Eating fruits and vegetables may lower the risk of blockages in leg arteries.

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