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Desserts Magazine – Zebra Cake Revisited

Have you heard about this wonderful publication called Desserts Magazine? If not, here’s your chance to get yourself comfortable and  start flipping through the pages filled with recipes for mouthwatering desserts, step by step instructions, baking tips, food photography, and many more. There is always something for everybody! I literally can’t take my eyes off the screen every time I click to read the magazine’s issues.

I was a lucky contributor to Dessert Magazine’s latest issue (#4) which featured my Zebra Cake in its A Journey  Around the World Through Cakes column along with many fabulous cakes from different parts of the world, including the US, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Austria, and many other countries. I am thrilled and honored to have been a part of this issue  and would like to thank the Desserts Magazine team for the opportunity from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

To read the magazine, click on the cover on the left. Enjoy!

Zebra Cake