Desserts Magazine – Zebra Cake Revisited

Have you heard about this wonderful publication called Desserts Magazine? If not, here’s your chance to get yourself comfortable and  start flipping through the pages filled with recipes for mouthwatering desserts, step by step instructions, baking tips, food photography, and many more. There is always something for everybody! I literally can’t take my eyes off the screen every time I click to read the magazine’s issues.

I was a lucky contributor to Dessert Magazine’s latest issue (#4) which featured my Zebra Cake in its A Journey  Around the World Through Cakes column along with many fabulous cakes from different parts of the world, including the US, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Austria, and many other countries. I am thrilled and honored to have been a part of this issue  and would like to thank the Desserts Magazine team for the opportunity from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

To read the magazine, click on the cover on the left. Enjoy!

Zebra Cake



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  1. Wow great to have u on a magazine page!! That indeed looks irresistible but really difficult too. I will need to gather some courage to bake something like this.

    Thank you, Soma! It is not a difficult cake to make, try and you’ll see! Have fun:)

  2. WOW! Farida, congratulations! It’s a beautiful cake! Perfect for Desserts Magazine!

    Marija, thanks a lot! I want to see some of your creations in the next issue!!!!

  3. WOW! Farida, Congratulations! You know this is my favorite cake, and is tried and tested recipe as I have made it. Looks and tastes fantastic. Congrats once again.

    Thanks a lot! Glad you like the cake!

  4. YEAHHHH!! Congradulations Feridecim…I’m so proud of you! That is a wonderful cake and I’m happy it got the recognition! Bravo!!!

    Aysegul, thank you for all your nice words, arkadasim!

  5. Oh, Farida, This looks incredible. I will have to add this to my ‘must bake’ list. Congrats on the magazine. What an honor for any baker.

    Thank you, Margaret!

  6. I did see that cake in this issue and though I am yet to blog about it, I have made your cake quite a few times and its now a favourite, especially with my daughter.

    I cam across Desserts a couple of months back and it is a visual satisfier for a sweet tooth!

    Aparna, thank you! Isn’t it a great magazine? I love it too!

  7. Hi Farida

    Congrats on featuring in a lovely magazine..
    I have made this cake of yours and loved it!!

    Swati, thank you! Glad you liked the cake!

  8. A small suprise waiting for you dear.Click on the link to follow Award Time

    God the award. So sweet of you to think about me!

  9. Oh wow Farida how exiting! Congratulations!!! I this this magazine is the coolest thing and I’m proud for you for writing there!

    Thank you, thank you! You are so nice.

  10. How wonderful! I’ll have to run out & buy the magazine. I love flipping through pages of recipes & photographs – even better that you are featured!

    xoxox Amy

    Amy, dear, please do not run anywhere:) It’s a virtual magazine. Enjoy it off screen:)

  11. You rock girl! I gotta try that sensational Zebra cake:)

    Yasmeen, thank you:) Please do try, it’s a fun cake.

  12. farida! congrats on publishin in the magazine. phewee your cake looks damn fine, woman 😉
    just a piece of gd news to share, a piece of my work is going to publish in my university literary magazine!! woop woop x

    Diva girl, Thank you! So happy for your work too! All of your recipes deserve recognition! I am proud of you!

  13. A new blog look, the magazine feature – you’re amazing, Farida 🙂 Congratulations!

    Thank you, Dee! I am blushing:)

  14. Farida! What a wonderful new look for your blog! I like it very much. I am just getting caught up on my blog reading as we had a baby arrive somewhat earlier than expected in our lives and I have not had much time to read my blog subscriptions as regularly as I would like. So, congratulations on the new look! As for your zebra cake in Desserts magazine, WAY TO GO!!! That is fantastic news. 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

    Sam, thank you! Oh, talk about blogging with the baby:) You will have some crazy times:) But happy crazy time:) Take your time and enjoy being a dad!

  15. Congrats Farida!! your picture of zebra cake motivates me to make it again & again 🙂

    Thank you, Maria! So glad you like the cake!

  16. Congrats, Farida! I noted what a splendid cake this was when I first saw it on your blog. Desserts Magazine is a great venue.

    Thank you, Susan!

  17. Dear Farida, congrats on being in the magazine and the cake is outstanding!

    Thank you, Cynthia!

  18. Hi farida
    this is my first time on your blog. I loved your posts and was wondering how did i miss such a valuable blogger on creativity. Congratulations for contributing to Dessert Magazine. I liked the zebra cake and will try to make it.

    Welcome to my blog, Anamika! Glad you like it here. Thanks for your nice words. Will be checking your blog soon!

  19. Fari, you’ve been holding out on me!
    I knew you had been busy lately, but I had no idea. That Zebra cake is worthy of a magazine article, and I’m tickled it made it there. Congratulations my friend!
    I’m off to nab a copy of the publication.

    Thank you, amiga! You don’t have to buy the magazine, it’s virtual and it’s free!

  20. Congrats! So deserving! That is one sweet accomplishment! 🙂
    Now gotta check what I missed out on lately!

    Medena, thank you dear friend. So glad you are back blogging. Off to check your site:)

  21. well-deserved congrats!! that is just a perfect looking cake!

    Thank you, Mimi!

  22. Oh no … another food magazine I am going to have to subscribe to! Congrats on your feature. The cake is absolutely stunning.

  23. Farida
    The zebra cake is well worthy of a dessert magazine, well done:-) I like the new site too, well true to the roots:-)
    X M

  24. I have a surprise for you in my blog:).

  25. Way to go, Farida! I’m so excited for you.

  26. I saw your article in the magazine Farida! I’m so impressed. Your zebra cake (which I think I’ve also seen you make before) is just beautiful. I’m so envious of your talent!

  27. Well that cake was definetely a winner! Very creative and so perfectly made. Congrats!

  28. Congratulations, dear farida…i’m so pleased for you 🙂

  29. Congratatulation!! I am so happy for you!!! 🙂 I saw the article and your zebra cake is definately two thumbs up! Yummy!! 🙂

    btw, thanks for intro me the dessert mag, its a great mag! 🙂

  30. This is gorgeous…congrats!

  31. Feride..Hope all is well! Haven’t heard from you in a while! 🙂

  32. That’s wonderful news! Congratulations, Farida. It must be so fun to click and see your name and cake in a location other than your blog. That cake inspired lots of people, including me!! Well done.

  33. Sevgili Farida,
    ne kadar guzel bir sey insanin kendi tariflerini boyle kapsamli bir dergide gormesi.Tebrik ederim.Sevgiler

  34. Farida I believe it you are very good cooker. I see you futures. Wish you good luck and best

  35. sigh. this cake is so beautiful. and it brings back those amusing memories when i tried to take the shortcut and use extra fudgy cake mix from the box. oh how i’ve learned so much since then. congratulations!

  36. WOW Farida huge congrats to you and well done!! I am so excited for you 🙂

    Rosie x

  37. Your Zebra Cake is very interesting as we have had a similiar cake in Dubrovnik “River Wave Cake”. There is a rich custard topping, then a thin wonderful chocolate layer. It is served chilled and amazing. Our daughter’s husband, Sejo is from the former Yugoslavia and when they visited there a couple of years ago a relative served them her Mityre Cake, again very similiar but long and cherboard of chocolate and vanilla.

    Farida: River Wave Cake sounds interesting. I have never tried or even seen it but from your description it sounds like something i would love to try to bake. I did a search online for the recipe but alas did not find any:(

  38. River Wave Cake & Mitre Cake are regional family recipes. I’ll have my son-in-law translate his aunt’s recipe from Begrad. She just passed away a few weeks.

    Do you read Cyrillic?

    There is another cake that is also a favourite of ours. It has baked merigue and caramel inside the cake-amazing! Meera (Sejo’s kum’s mum makes it).

    So many specialities these woman make. They each have a speciality and bring it to weddings or church events.

    FARIDA: I would love to receive the River Wave recipe. Yes, I do real Cyrillic as I speak Russian. Not sure if I can understand any other Cyrillic based language other than Russian though (except maybe Ukranian and Belarussian). Thank you so much in advance!

  39. Congratulations on your column! I will try making this cake tomorrow

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