Introducing the All-New AZ Cookbook!

All New Azcookbook

Happy New Year, guys! Hope you  had a wonderful celebration and are ready to start another beautiful year.

I have great news to share with you. AZ Cookbook has a brand new design now! The new blog is clean, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly. A big thank you goes to my husband Murat and the team at Meltem Technology for working day and night to produce what you see and what I really like.

Also notice our brand new logo, designed by one amazing designer, Alina Bayramova. I am in love with it.

So, here  are some useful features the new blog  offers for your convenience:

1. You can browse the recipes by Ingredient, by Type, and by Monthly Postings.

2. Also note our Picture Gallery – my favorite addition to the blog!

3. Check out our Resources: How-To, Conversion, and Where to Find Ingredients.

4. Our new series – the AZ Cookbook Tablescapes – has its own place on the blog, too.

5. Don’t forget to join AZ Cookbook on social media. Click on the icons in the header to do so. Let’s keep in touch.

Please browse the blog and let me know what you think. We are still working on eliminating some small  glitches here and there and doing minor touch-ups to the design. But overall it is ready.

If you come across any broken link, please let me know  and we’ll fix it. We all know broken links are a curse of a website transfer.

The brand new AZ Cookbook has a lot of recipes in store to share with you in the new year. Stay tuned! Enjoy!



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  1. Well done. Amazing logo love to bits. Well done Alina!

  2. Love the new look. Very reader friendly. Look forward to your posts in the coming new year.

  3. Kudos all. Love this new look! Excited to get cooking with your yummy recipes!

  4. Hi from Canada,
    Love the new look and Logo.
    Thank you for sharing all your hard work and expertise with people like me ~ it’s truly appreciated.

  5. I didn’t think much about that fact that you needed an update but it is very nice indeed. LOVE the logo. I love pomegranates. I even have a tree. Can’t always think of enough things to do with them but I love them. Anyway, congratulations and much successin the new year.

  6. Awesome!!!

  7. I really like the new look! Very fresh and easy to navigate.
    Great job Feride and Murat 🙂

  8. Yeni yiliniz kutlu olsun
    2014 te de lezzetli kolay tariflerinizi bekliyoruz ve bol resimli:)

  9. Mabrouk Feride! This is excellent news for someone like me who at the best of times finds computers a wee bit of a challenge.
    I will be visiting often!


  11. I love your blog and your recipes!! I just started to follow you on Instagram!! Thanks for all the great recipes!!

    Eileen in NJ

  12. Hi, I am from Los Angeles. I Love your site!!! Thank you for teaching azeri food. I am originally from Baku! So, I know azeri food! It is amazing! Love your site and Both fo your sires are great!!!

  13. I like the new look and feel of the site and the bells and whistles, especially the ways in which one can search your site.

    I too love the logo!

    Happy New Year to you and the family!

  14. Feride, nerdeyse 2008 den beri sayfan?z? be?eniyle takip ediyorum. Payla??mlar?n?z ve geleneksel kültüre ait bilgiler- yemekler hepsi çok anlaml?, lezzetli ve tabii ki ho? görüntülü.
    Bu kitapla hepsini kayda almak ayr?ca çok güzel olmu?, yürekten tebrik ediyorum.
    S?cac?k Adana’dan sevgilerimle…

  15. Feride, am I late to congratulate you for the new look of your lovely blog? I’ve just seen it and I find it impressive! Perfect job!

  16. Salamlar Farida

    tabriklar kitaba gora. always enjoy reading your lovely website.

    • Thank you, Narges! So nice to hear from you!

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