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AZ Cookbook on Pinterest

The day has come! After some research into the previously-mysterious-to-me Pinterestland, I finally joined it. So, AZ Cookbook is now on Pinterest!

I am still exploring this social media phenomenon and there is a lot to learn, but so far I have been loving it. Would be super happy to see you follow my page, pin photos from my blog, and help me spread the word.

A few pointers in a nutshell, answering some of the questions you may ask:

1. What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like your virtual information board, used to collect ideas and draw inspiration from. Instead of pinning things on the actual board hanging on your wall, with Pinterest you pin things you see on the internet onto your virtual board. Pin is your visual bookmark. To be able to Pin any photo, you should have a Pinterest accout. Bu no fret—it is super easy! When you click on a picture you want to pin and it is your first time doing so, you will be taken to Pinterest  and asked to join it (see photo 1). Once you join, you can create individual boards with pictures grouped together based on a particular topic (such as Sweet, Savory, or I wish I could eat this, or Crazy about Chocolate, etc. ). After that—pin anything you like and that has a Pin It button on it and choose a board you want to display it in.

2. How to  pin AZ Cookbook photos to my Pinterest board?

Very easy. You can pin any photo you see on AZ Cookbook. When you hover over a picture, a Pin It button will pop up. Click on it and you are done! That picture will be displayed on your Pinterest.

How to Pin

3. How to follow AZ Cookbook on Pinterest?

Easy, too. Once you have logged into your Pinterest account, go to AZ Cookbook profile and click Follow All (see photo 1). You can also choose to follow any of my individual boards. But you will make me happier if you just follow them all:)

3. What happens after I pin something on my board?

You can go back to your pins whenever you want. Plus, other pinners will see your boards, repin your photos, and you will repin theirs,  and so on. Photos on Pinterest travel through many boards, allowing pinners to both enjoy those photos and visit their original sourse (blog or website). Generally speaking, it is all good and fun.

Pinterest  PINTEREST

Let’s Pin it. I mean it.

You are also welcome to join AZ Cookbook on other social media sites.




See you there! And thank you tons for your continuous support!

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